At we are not just another pretty face. We are insurance service specialists. Any insurance agent can post pictures of themselves with a deer or holding a fish but who is going to answer the phone when the clients call? We have a team of dedicated service specialists ready to serve you, not out fishing. is the agent for the Hunt Lease Insurance on behalf of Philadelphia Insurance Company and other insurance services for Outfitters and Guides. As specialty insurance consultants for the outdoor insurance market and all types of outfitters and guides insurance, we focus on one thing: outdoor recreation insurance and mostly hunt lease insurance and hunting insurance.

The program’s success is behind our service. We handle every call and every client with personal attention.

All I care about is service, service and service, its why we insure thousands of Hunt clubs.

Our History

The story is that is operated by the Outdoor Insurance Group. Outdoor Insurance Group and are owned by Glenn Sudol. To fully understand the history of the specialty consultant insurance niche of outdoor recreation insurance you need to go back to a company called Gillingham & Associates. Gillingham & Associates was the founding company of Outfitter and Guide Insurance. Gillingham & Associates was originally owned and operated by Thomas S. Gillingham and since about 1993 had an Underwriting Manager named Glenn Sudol. Gillingham sold the company in the early 2000s to Gulf Insurance Company. At that time, the managers were Thomas A. Gillingham(son) and Glenn Sudol. The story goes that Gulf Insurance Company, owned by The Travelers Insurance Company, which in turn was owned by Citigroup was under-performing. So Gulf Insurance Company was going to go defunct and Travelers decided to sell Gillingham & Associates.

We have been doing this type of insurance for a very long time. Lots of other agents have copied our model.

Gillingham’s son and Sudol made a move to purchase Gillingham & Associates back from The Travelers with the help of Arch Insurance Company. This happened around 2006. The program ran for several years with Arch Insurance Company as the paper behind the program. The company was again sold around 2009 to Philadelphia Insurance Company. That’s where it stands today with Philadelphia Insurance arguably being the largest writer of specialty outdoor insurance.

All the while the Hunt Lease Insurance was operating as a master policy delivering quality low cost insurance to hunting clubs across America managed by Glenn Sudol. In 2009, while Glenn Sudol was working for Philadelphia Insurance Companies as the programs underwriting manager, an agency called Outdoor Insurance Group in Wichita Kansas came up for sale. Heather Gillingham Harris was the owner and she sold Outdoor Insurance Group. The company was moved from Wichita, Kansas to Louisville, Colorado and has operated as the program manager since 2009. We are a retail insurance agency and do not work with other agents, we do not broker business. We work directly with the insureds.

Preferred Agent of Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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Preferred Agent Letter