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Hunting Insurance for Hunt Clubs and Leases that Need Liability

Watch out this spring for Lyme Disease. It is nasty and quite an epidemic. Lyme Disease is the disease of the outdoors.

The article talks about prevention and what to do if bitten by a deer tick.

Honestly, I have not seen an insurance claim from this disease yet and I am not exactly sure how the policy would react because liability policies need a “breach of duty” and “negligence”. I would imagine any lawyer could make a case against a club that it was “liable” for a guest’s injury or loss stemming from Lyme Disease if they were not properly warned. Imagine being liable for the lost wages of a doctor who could no perform his work because of disability from this disease. It could cost alot of money and result in a big legal defense bill.

We strongly recommend that your hunters, guests and members all sign liability waivers or acknowledgement of risk forms before being allowed to participate in club activities. Those waivers should include statements about the dangers of Lyme Disease. Here is a link to a map from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that shows were the disease is prevalent:

We can provide you with sample liability waivers that you can use to help protect your club in addition to offering you quality low cost liability insurance.