Hunt Lease Rules

logotranslargerI was looking to write a blog about hunting club rules, I had the idea because a lot of stuff I had seen was written by landowners or was written by clubs but was very limiting.  Punitive really, like no tree stands within 150 yards or property boundaries or rules about hunting with minors.

I came across this article  on the Internet I loved it, it is down to earth, reasonable and covers the points that would effect a quality hunting experience.

The major points covered are defining club leadership, guest rules, tree stand spacing, scouting protocol, fair chase rules, mixed bag limitations during deer season, works days, antler restrictions and club usage. The article does nice job of bringing these things up for discussion so clubs can outline a program to ensure a quality experience for its’ members.

The only thing it is missing is telling you where to buy the hunt lease insurance or insurance for your Rod & Gun Club. The obvious answer is

Thanks for looking.