All persons granted membership into XYZ Hunting Club (henceforth referred to as the club) must comply with all by-laws as defined below and all State hunting regulations and laws. Failure to comply will result in a member’s immediate termination from the club and forfeiture of all paid dues.

All members will receive a copy of the by-laws, aerial photos used as maps of the land leased by the club, membership roster, and a key to the various gates (one key fits all locks).

Membership Dues- Club dues are paid on an annual basis. Current membership dues are $$$$.00 per member, which includes insurance, provides for food plot materials, and other necessary club materials. All dues must be paid each year to the Club President, by May 15th. Failure to submit dues on time may result in membership forfeiture and replacement by a paying prospective new member.

Club will accept memberships on first payments received after the 30th. Existing members have first option. Club roster will consist of X# of members.

  1. The Club – XYZ Hunting Club was established for still deer hunting.
    Small game may be pursued as well, but the primary game animal of the club is white-tailed deer. Other game animals include: Turkey, Squirrel, Rabbit, Dove, Fox, Bobcat and Coyote.

  2. Work Days – The club requires all members to participate in scheduled work days for the betterment of the club. Up to four (4) work days may be scheduled, members are required to make at least two (2) of them. There will be a $25 fine for not making 2 of them. Activity examples are the posting of property signs, food plot maintenance, and all other activities designated at club meetings.
  3. Terms of Membership – Members must comply with all State game laws, the club land lease agreement(s), and the rules as defined in the club by-laws.
  4. Baiting – Baiting is not allowed during hunting season. You may put out mineral blocks any time. Everything must be removed two weeks prior to bow season. Anyone caught baiting with corn will be ejected with no refund.
  5. Deer Harvest – ABSOLUTELY NO BUTTON BUCKS State game laws allow for a hunter to harvest a total of (X) deer per season. The club enforces a (X) deer limit with a maximum of X bucks and X does for each membership from the club property (includes deer harvested by guests and family members). This limit does not apply to deer harvested on non-club property. This reduced club limit is an effort to maintain a healthy deer herd on the club property.
    1. All Tracts are Trophy Managed X# Points X# inch spread allowed. No button bucks allowed. Any buck harvested less minimum size will result in a $XX fine for 1st offense. The 2nd offense will result in termination of membership without refund. This is also a rolling offense from one year to another.
    2. All bucks harvested must be seen by one of the committee members or a picture of the buck must be sent to a committee member. No exceptions.
    3. Does can be harvested on all tracts.
    4. The use of dogs or human drives is not permitted to locate deer to be harvested.
    5. Dogs may only be used to track and recover a wounded deer.
  6. Turkey Harvest – State game laws apply. Sign in for the tract of land on which you are hunting to allow other members to know that you are on the property.

    Failure to comply with the following rules result in:

    1. 1st offense verbal
    2. 2nd offense fine of $XX
    3. 3rd offense forfeiture of membership.
  7. Hunting Sign-In/Sign-Out – Each tract of property leased by the club will have a mailbox installed prior to the beginning of each deer-hunting season. The mailboxes will contain a map of the tract for which it is on and a sign-in book.
  8. Scouting – Members may NOT scout an area that is currently signed out. Some members hunt all day long and this has become a problem. Members may only scout areas that are not currently signed out between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm and must note that they are scouting a particular.
  9. Any time you are on club property during any current season please sign in at bottom of page. Please do scouting in areas with little or no ATV riding during hunting season. It is ok to ride from one area to another, but please refrain from riding in hunting areas.
  10. Guests – Members may bring only one (1) guest at a time.
    1. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times while on the property leased by the club and hunt in the same area signed out by the member.
    2. Members are limited to(X) guests per year during the deer hunting season. If you bring a guest X days this is your guest limit for year. Violation of rule will be subject to same violations as the sign in rules.
    3. Any deer harvested by a guest counts towards the sponsoring member’s (X) deer club limit.
    4. Neither XYZ Club nor the landowners will be held liable for guests. Guests hunt at their own risk. Guest must sign a liability waiver.
  11. Immediate Family Members – Members may bring an immediate household family member to hunt as often as they wish. An immediate family member is defined as any family member that is a spouse, child under the age of 18, or child that is a full-time student under the age of 25.
    1. Immediate family members must be accompanied by a member at all times while on the property leased by the club and hunt in the same area signed out by the member.
    2. Any deer harvested by an immediate family member counts towards the sponsoring member’s (X) deer club limit.
    3. Neither XYZ Club nor the landowners will be held liable for immediate family members. Immediate family members hunt at their own risk.
  12. Youth guest rule – Members may bring children ages 15 and under and this will NOT count as one of their (X) guests. We, as a club, would like to encourage the introduction of the younger generation to hunting and support any friends of member’s children or other non-members children to accompany a member as a guest. Also, remember immediate household members do not count as quests.
  13. ATVs – ATVs may be used on the club except for joyriding or recreational use. No stunts or racing. No riding ATV’s in areas with the exception of retrieving a harvested deer. You may ride from one area to another area.
  14. General Negligence – All State deer hunting regulations and laws, along with the stricter club rules will be enforced.
    1. Poaching – Members caught poaching will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    2. Driving over (or other destructive means) planted pines or crops, littering, or participation in illegal activities while on club property will not be tolerated.
    3. Alcohol & Drugs – it is against the law to hunt while intoxicated or otherwise physically impaired by drugs. The club will not tolerate hunters in the field under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    4. Campsite – Must be kept clean at all times. Trash must be picked up and no fires on ground, only in a fire container. The campsites are a privilege from landowners.
  15. Trash – Please DO NOT leave cans and other littered items scattered in the woods. Committee members will be watching for this and will address this with hunters that have previously been in that area. If the landowners were to see this or know of this; this would not be good. Hunting is a privilege and may be taken away if we don’t take care of the land.
  16. Member Agreement – When said member and member guest agree to the club by-laws by way of signature or payment of club dues, no liabilities can be charged against the property owners, club members, or guests for any accident or death on said XYZ Hunting Club property. All members, immediate family members, and guests will hunt at their own risk.
  17. Club Committee – A committee consisting of the club president, and designated senior members will review and update the club by-laws as needed, plan and schedule work days, and attend to any other club matters that arise. The club committee will also work with the club president to police and enforce the club by-laws.
    1. Any member can contact a club committee member to report an incident, ask for help tracking a deer, or for any other reason pertaining to club activities.

These by-laws have been created and will be enforced for the betterment of the club. Breaking any of the by-laws will result in immediate membership termination without refund of any paid dues.

Remember that the club is what you make it, and please keep safety in mind at all times.