Outdoor Insurance Group does all types of Guides & Outfitters Insurance. Our specialty is fishing & hunting guide insurance but we do everything else including horseback riding, paddle boards, bike rental and maybe even some other stuff.

Liability Insurance for Outfitters

Liability insurance is most common. The policy covers bodily injury and property damage resulting you’re your negligence. We can schedule guides as additional insureds, licensing agencies governmental agencies and landowners. We use multiple companies to get you the best price and coverages. Sometimes those two things don’t go together and that is when you need a qualified and experienced agency to guide through the process. Just like your clients hire you to avoid dangers; you need to hire us to help you avoid the dangers of the insurance market. There are a couple good specialty agencies but none have the insurance company underwriting experience and the program managers experience as we do.

Things to consider when shopping for liability insurance:

  1. Low cost
  2. Certificates for Government and other licensing agencies are free and we mail the certificates to the offices on your behalf.
  3. We use approved forms for US Forest Service and US National Parks and all other licensing agencies.
  4. We cover liability and can cover physical damage on your equipment.
  5. We cover all types of fishing guides from walk and wade trips as well as boat trips, or float tubes, kayaks, paddle boards, etc…..
  6. We cover operations in all states from Alaska to the Florida Keys.
  7. Easy application process.
  8. No additional fees by us, we work strictly from commissions paid by the insurer.

Work with a specialty insurance consultant. We value service, we are not out elephant hunting for giant accounts, we care about the small account, the mom and pop operations.

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Why Hunting Guide Insurance??

Hunting guides make it their business to guide their clients through unpredictable terrain and conditions, and they know better than most how suddenly conditions can change. Other insurance agents are not specialized in providing liability insurance to outfitters and guides.  Insurance for boats, horses and ATVs can be complicated if you do  not work with it each day.  Our insurance team makes it their business to help people navigate the uncertain. Accidents happen and losses occur that can damage your business financially.  Outdoor Insurance Group represents several insurance companies that provide insurance to outfitters and guides.  We know what each company is looking for and what they do not like, saving you time and effort in the application process. If you are an outfitter looking for insurance we likely have a market for you.  Outdoor recreation Insurance is all we do, we understand the risk, the process , how to satisfy landowners and State bureaucracies that require you to purchase the insurance. That is our business.